5 ways to keep track of your balance anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re at home or on the go: You’ll never lose sight of your account balance with a current account from your savings bank. Do you want to know how much credit you have right now, if your salary has been transferred yet, or if a specific direct debit has been collected yet? All of this can be verified in a variety of ways.

balance enquiry

Query account balance in online banking

Log in with your access data if you use your online banking app. All important information about your account balance and transactions can be found in your account. What is your current financial situation? What has already been deducted from your account? Are all of your reservations correct? You can also see which of your account’s debits or credits have already been reserved. That means you can see your account balance today as well as a few days in the future in your online banking.

If you need more information, log into your online banking account. Do you need to look up the IBAN of a recipient? Then press the I button for information (detailed view). Select the menu item “Turnover” and limit the account movements to a specific time period if you want to see postings from a specific period. This works equally well at home as it does on the go.

Check account balance using your online banking app

People using online banking apps will find it particularly simple to check their account balance. With a smartphone in hand and an app open, you’re ready to go! You can now see all of your basic information, just like in online banking: the amount of your credit and all of your transactions. Online forex brokers in the UK also provide this service You can, of course, study these in greater depth by pressing the I information button.

Check the account balance at the ATM

You can, of course, check your account balance without using online or mobile banking. Use one of the ATMs nationwide if you don’t have access to a phone. This not only allows you to receive cash, but it also allows you to check your account balance. Using our search function, you can quickly locate the nearest ATM in your area.

Inquire about account balance in telephone banking

You can use our telephone banking to inquire about your account balance without using the internet or your debit card. Phone banking can be done using a landline phone or a smartphone, as long as you have your PIN handy.

In fact, you can use telephone banking to do more than just check your account balance. Banking transactions, such as transfers and standing orders, can also be handled.

Find out the account balance on the account statement printer

Your account balance can also be found on the account statement printer. This works even if you don’t have a password or PIN. The account statement informs you of your current balance as well as all bookings made since the previous statement.